3 Reasons to Become a Certified Project Manager

Dozens of industries hire project managers to keep projects on track. These professionals coordinate any undertaking with a defined scope, start, and finish. Project managers are critical because they keep work on schedule and communicate with all participants. They also anticipate and resolve problems. It is common for experts in certain fields to learn project management on the job. However, the fastest way to achieve the required expertise and accelerate career growth is to become a Certified Project Manager. Certification leads to improved job skills, increased salary, and more opportunities.

Certification Spurs Career Growth

While many workers have become high-earning project managers after years of experience and hard work, the process is grueling and has no guarantee of success. In contrast, certification can shorten the undertaking considerably and lead to higher earnings. That is because candidates for certification must go through rigorous training that demonstrates their abilities. There are several types of project management programs. All require candidates to meet minimum education and experience requirements before they begin coursework.

Certification Helps Increase Job Skills

Once candidates decide to become CPMs, they must learn a specific set of skills. The training is very rigorous, and students have to complete all coursework. In that process they become adept at planning, imitating, implementing, monitoring, and closing. They need to know hundreds of industry terms. Certifications often require them to demonstrate leadership abilities as well.

A CPM Is More Marketable

Workers in a variety of industries decide to learn project management skills and become certified so they have more opportunities. Certification makes them more competitive when jobs are scarce. It also expands the field of companies they could work for. It is common for multi-national companies to send highly trained project managers to overseas locations, and some CPMs choose to work for international companies. Well-qualified project managers are in demand everywhere.

Project managers are critical to dozens of industries and those that are certified get the best opportunities. Candidates who meet minimum experience and education levels can take courses and then test to become certified. Those who succeed are in demand and can earn excellent salaries anywhere in the world.