giugno – luglio 1999
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The Pope's spokesmanTHE POPE’S SPOKESMAN

Suppose you want to become a Vatican correspondent. Where do you begin? First, become a writer, and write. Second, study the history of the Church. Third, study languages – Latin, Italian, French, German, Spanish… as many as you can.

Then, find your way to Rome. Once in Rome, make your way down the via della Conciliazione toward St. Peter’s Basilica. There, just before you enter the great piazza, on your right beneath a rectangular colonnade, you will see the entrance to the Vatican Press Office. Enter.

You are greeted by one of three young Italian men, Francisco or Enrico or Tiziano. Ask, politely, if you might speak withSuor Giovanna (Sister Jean) about being accredited as a “Vaticanista” (a joumalist who covers the Vatican). Her office is beyond two glass doors across the room. Suor Giovanna Gentili will ask you to show her your credentials,your press card from home, articies you have written, a letter of recommendation or assignment from your editor, your passport, thee address of your lodging in Rome, several recent passport-size photographs…

If all is in order, Suor Giovanna. will grant you a tempory press pass. You are about to become a “Vaticanista” – a Vatican correspondent…  (.pdf) »»»